The classrom can be a pretty scary place for both teachers and students. However, there are ways a teacher can make it comfortable for everyone. Here are a few ideas: 1. Have your rules and expectations clearly posted for students to see. 2. Keep a daily routine. Believe it or not, when your days are routine, you create a predictable and comfortable environment that reduces stress. 3. Stick to the clock! The clock can be your friend! Kids need to know when they can let their brains relax and you need to know when you can exhale!”  4. Look for moments to laugh. You know that student that likes to disrupt the class with a funny joke? Set it up in advance- let that student know when they can “crack the funny joke you both discussed earlier.”  Everyone wins! 5. Take short “teachable” breaks. I like to do the, “Hey class, did you know that….!” The night before or the weekend before, I surf the web for some interesting fun facts that I can use for those hightly anticipated “teachable” breaks. (Of course, keep it age and subject appropriate.)  Everybody’s brain needs to relax. These are a few things that the teacher can do to ensure successful days ahead. Check out our store for resources in classroom management. These strategies have proven to be effective!  And remember, if you Teach A 2 Z, the P’s and Q’s will follow!   Check out our store!