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Teach A2Z is an eclectic platform. Whether a school district, organization or an individual looking for training, media, presenters and/or motivational speakers, we can help! We use researched based material and provide strategies easy to implement and proven to give fast and effective results. Student achievement and test scores increase. thus producing an overall healthier, happier school. Remember, Teach A 2 Z and the P’s and Q’s will follow!  This platform also offers inspirational materials. If you are a Christian author,  musician or artist looking to advertise your product, we are here for you! Be sure to check out our resources in our online store. Teach A2Z desires to educate, motivate, and inspire the world! Please contact us today to find out more!  Sincerely, Teach A2Z.    “Let the world be your adventure!” ©E.J.B  

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Visit My Store

Visit My Store

I am pleased to offer  FREE Shipping in the Continental USA on all of my products sold online and by phone. I offer this program as a way to help you get the materials that will educate, motivate and inspire! 
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Classroom Management

My Classroom Management Training

These strategies receive universal praise by teachers, because they are research-based,  easy to use, and  results are seen right away! 1) Remain calm and respond right when challenged. 2) Teach expectations. 3) Provide adequate, fair, and timely consequences. 4) Arrange the classroom for maximum performance.  5) Develop strong student-teacher relationships, and more! We are here for you. Contact us today! Learn More…

Request a Quote

Request A Quote!

If a school was permitted to have just one training, this is the one! This training will help to raise test scores for all students, decrease discipline challenges, and improve classroom rapport. You will learn how to meet students where they are and lead them where they need to be, capture attention, and promote deeper learning. Contact Teach A2Z today!
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College Credits!

Teach A 2 Z realizes that educational success comes in many forms. Some of us use self-help books, while others enjoy the classroom setting. Which ever the case, we can provide you with both experiences!   Let Teach A 2 Z help you! Contact us today! 

My Services

About My Services

Teach A 2 Z is an eclectic platform that offers resources such as books, trainings, motivational speakers and more! Are you interested in Classroom Management?  Learn More…  Are you interested in Differential Instruction? Learn More… Teach A 2 Z is also a platform for Christian Resouces. We want to share your websites and consumer links.  Learn More… 

Differentiated Instruction

We Want to Build Our Online Store!

Teach A 2 Z is looking to build our online store. If you have products you think will be of interest to us, email us at info@teacha2z.com. We want to hear from you. Visit our store! 



Amazing Testimonials! Check out what teacher are saying!  Learn More..  Invite Teach A 2 Z to present at your school, district or  organization! Are you in need of a motivational speaker? Schedule us today! We look forward to hearing from you!. Remember, if you Teach A 2 Z, the P’s and Q’s will follow.


Teach A 2 Z Has a Blog!

Through our blog, Teach A 2 Z will keep you informed about where our Time to Teach Classroom Management Trainings will be, our next speaking engagement and how you can get discounted tickets, classroom management tips, and more! Teach A 2 Z will let you know about new products in our store and about the charity organization we help support using proceeds from our store. So keep reading our blog and stay informed. Come join us at our events. We want to meet you!  And remember, Teach A 2 Z. The P’s and Q’s will follow.